Lexi Howard

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Lexi Howard

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2001 ( roughly ) [ 1 ]


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5’4″ (164 cm)

Studying: Lexi Howard

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Darkish brown

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Darkish brown



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East Highland Excessive Faculty


Highschool pupil (junior)



Gus Howard ( church father )

Suze Howard (mom)
Cassie Howard (older sister)
Ted (uncle)


Rue Bennett ( childhood properly acquaintance )

Fezco (shut pal)
Maddy Perez (shut pal)
Jules Vaughn (pal)
Kat Hernandez (pal)
Barbara Brookes (pal)
Bobbi (pal)
Ethan Daley (pal)


Fezco ( in love with )



Maude Apatow


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16 episodes

First look
I really feel like I’ve lived most of my life in my creativeness. Taking the smallest moments, and dreaming them up into one thing larger.
— Lexi on Our Life[src]

Lexi Howard is a chief fictional character within the first and irregular seasons of Euphoria. She is portrayed by Maude Apatow. Lexi is Cassie ‘s youthful sister and Rue ‘s wholesome childhood ally who tries her finest to assist Rue via her struggles .



It made her take into consideration her complete life. How she all the time been so passive, how she by no means had the braveness to say something. And even on the time when she did get the braveness to say one thing, she backed down.
— Rue’s voiceover[src]

Lexi was born to Gus and Suze Howard and grew up alongside her sister, Cassie Howard. Though Lexi ‘s childhood was an identical just like Cassie ‘s, she was incessantly put apart by each her dad and mom who appeared to want extra her older child than her. Whereas attending pre-school, Lexi befriended Rue Bennett, and for a few years thought of her to be her finest acquaintance, even to at the present time. When Lexi was requested to the newcomer formal by a scholar named Tucker Blake, she determined to attempt practising french kissing on Rue. Afterward, Lexi requested whether or not she felt “ in fact eldritch ” or “ uncomfortable ”. Rue responded within the detrimental. nonetheless, they lastly grew aside as Rue ‘s drug use began to get uncontrolled. Lexi tried to speak to Rue about getting any assist oneself however Rue brush it off, so Lexi determined to restrict contact together with her. A few days late, Suze instructed Lexi that Rue overdosed however survived. Regardless of that truth Lexi hush blamed herself for it, claiming if she has n’t been so passive and afraid to say something, issues might been completely different. The evening when Cassie let their forefather again of their home, Lexi witnessed him strolling away with their stolen all proper chinaware however was in addition to daunt to say something, and determined to return to mattress .
In “ Pilot “, Lexi is seen giving her urine to a drugged up Rue in regulate to cross the sobriety check that Rue ‘s mom, Leslie provides to Rue. She is just not at McKay ‘s get together, and finds out concerning the particulars of what occurred via Cassie. Throughout the Halloween sequence, “ The following Episode “, Lexi is dressed up as painter Bob Ross and is seen her serving to Rue scare McKay ‘s little brother, Troy. She is in addition to seen masking for Cassie with Daniel within the room, whereas McKay is actively looking for Cassie after she drunk texted him. These two occasions reveal Lexi ‘s care nature for these round her. In Cassie ‘s sequence, “ The Trials and Tribulations of Making an attempt to Pee Whereas Depressed “, we get a glimpse into how the Howard ‘s household issues have an effect on Lexi. She is seen yelling at Cassie after they’ve a dialog on how Cassie seems to be, displaying how she is affected by the fixed consideration that Cassie will get. The sisters recover from this combat promptly and Cassie asks Lexi for recommendation on what she ought to do about her scenario, demonstrating how she is going to all the time care about her household. Throughout the season stopping level, “ And Salt the Earth Behind You “, Lexi is seen strolling down the steps of her home to indicate off her outfit for the winter formal, receiving affectionate reactions for her mom, one thing she is just not used to. Lexi is then seen within the automobile with Cassie and Maddy, getting out of her comfort partition by ingesting the alcohol that Maddy introduced for the formal. Lexi, intelligibly feeling the consequences of the drink, has a dialog with Cassie about what to do if she needs to hook up with particular person which Cassie replies with “ go and do whoever the sleep collectively you need ”. Lexi says that she ‘ll do that however the sequence ends earlier than we see what she does. Lexi is in addition to seen supporting Cassie on the abortion clinic, offering the need maintain for her throughout that consequence .

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Yeah, properly, you look lovely, Cassie. You look fucking wonderful. It is actually all anybody’s ever instructed you your complete life. Like, take heed to your self. It is fucking exhausting.
— Lexi to Cassie in an argument about Cassie’s seems to be[src]

Cassie is Lexi ’ s older sister who has been praised for her stallion life about how lovely she is. Lexi clearly finds it troublesome to stay as much as folks ’ randomness opinions of her massive sister, typically feeling neglected by their mom attributable to Cassie ’ s shut up private bond to her. Even though Lexi is an identical fairly, her mom continuously emphasizing the smasher of her sister taught her to recede into herself, making her a quiet and extra self contained character. nonetheless, it’s an identical clear that Lexi cares for her sister, and reveals her assist for Cassie by going together with her to the abortion clinic. In some ways Lexi sees Cassie as a operate mannequin, however simply needs to achieve the like measure of consideration and compliments that Cass is so secondhand to that they these days irritate her. Lexi needs to develop and discover herself away from the blueprint her child had set out and uncover who she is. This dynamic modifications between the sisters in season 2 as they’re divided over revealing to Cal who beat up Nate. Lexi is Workforce Fez ascribable to her new discovered friendship with the city drug vendor, whereas Cassie is Workforce Nate as the 2 start having a sexual kinship within the season .


Rue and Lexi have been buddies since pre-school. Their kinship drifted over time due to Rue ‘s addictions and psychological sicknesses. Though Rue does n’t contemplate her and Lexi to be a detailed as they have been after they have been youngsters, she inactive asks her for issues like make so she will be able to cross a house drug examination. Over the course of season 1 we see rue and Lexi ‘s relationship develop steadily. Lexi comforts Rue on the Halloween get together after she calls herself ‘ a burden ‘. She in addition to helps Rue daunt Troy McKay into being a valet to her sister, Gia. We in addition to see Rue and Lexi act as detectives in a dream-like episode when Rue turns into frenzied. There’s a strong implication that Lexi has a crushed leather-based on Rue as she seems to have hanker, jealous faces when Rue and Jules are collectively. In the direction of the tip of season 1 Lexi asks Cassie what to do if she needs to hook up with particular person which Cassie replies with “ go and do whoever the fuck you need ”. Lexi says she is going to do as such, however the sequence ends with none point out of her hooking up with particular person or asking particular person out. It’s theorized that Lexi wished to hook up with Rue, however since Rue left the get together early she might n’t .

Lexi considered that evening quite a bit. How might Fezco be so form to her, and so violent in the direction of Nate. She could not keep in mind the final time somebody her age requested her so many questions on herself. He really cared about what she needed to say.
— Rue’s voiceover[src]

Lexi begins a friendship with Fez through the New Yr ‘s Eve get together in “ Making an attempt to Get to Heaven Earlier than They Shut the Door “. The 2 hit up a dialog on the couch within the down moments of Lexi looking for Cassie. They discuss how their holidays have been and Lexi explains to Fez on how the Christians steal Christmas. All through the dialog, it’s proven that Lexi and Fez are flirting with one another immentent via the blushes which might be on Lexi ‘s face after Fez tells her how he began to overlook her presence on the sofa. The 2 central numbers earlier than Fez beats up Nate. Lexi is seen defending Fez to Cassie in “ Out of Contact “ after Cal questions the women about what occurred on the get together and it’s inferred that there’s a impregnable connection between Lexi and Fez on how Lexi is crushing on Fez. The emotions are in addition to proven when Lexi visits Fez ‘s retailer to warn him about what Cassie stated to Cal as Fez stutters with what he needs to say. The 2 do n’t have any on-screen moments till “ A Thousand Little Bushes of Blood “ after they watch Stand By Me at Fez ‘s agency as Lexi talks to him concerning the potential backfire about her dally. It’s additional revealed that in “ The Theater and Its Double “ that the 2 had been speaking for months and that Lexi has fallen in love with Fez .

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bodily look

Lexi has lengthy brown hair, iniquity brown college eyes, and pale peel. Lexi incessantly has pure make-up on, however she provides nods to a extra vintage-style look ( probably 50s ) with some crimson lipstick. She most incessantly wears coloured sweaters with versatile patterns and skirts. Her aesthetic is an identical lady following doorish, she wears ribbons in her hair’s-breadth and is rarely untidy together with her look, continuously trying clear and refreshed to indicate her purity and the way not like she in fact is from Rue. Lexi may be very fairly, however is just not assured inside herself and carries herself as just a bit child looking for her path .



You are being fucking impolite.
— Lexi to 2 unnamed classmates[src]
You say all this, however what occurs in three days while you knock on my door asking me to piss in some Tylenol bottle? What, you are gonna say the other? How we have recognized one another since pre-school and we’re finest buddies? It is like you have got a break up persona dysfunction. Sorry if I miss the outdated you.
— Lexi to Rue[src]
I hadn’t actually considered it.
— Lexi to Gia after being instructed about Rue liking Jules[src]
Is that this like, actually bizarre and uncomfortable for you?
— Lexi to Rue after apply kissing her[src]
It is due to you, you recognize?
— Lexi to Jules whereas taking off her rollerblades[src]


  • In “The Subsequent Episode”, Lexi attire up as American painter Bob Ross for Halloween after Rue drawing a beard onto Lexi with a Sharpie and Fezco remarks how she seems to be like Bob Ross.[2]
  • In Season 2, Cassie’s wardrobe revolves across the luxurious model Prada, whereas Lexi is usually seen in Miu Miu’s items; that is intentional to indicate a distinction between the Howard sisters; Miu Miu is sometimes called “Prada’s little sister“, and Lexi is portrayed because the timid youthful sister who’s typically in Cassie’s shadow, whereas Cassie’s outfits emphasize strongly on her femininity, and her physique options which made her in style amongst her friends.


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