Denver CO Climate in April

The climate will get perceptibly heat throughout April in Denver, Colorado. This month can have the survive snow of the season . This web page provides element information on the everyday April temperature, precipitation, snow, daylight, humidity, fart and storms for Denver. The numbers hera are historic averages primarily based on local weather information gathered within the Denver neighborhood of Stapleton .


63 °F April common excessive 17 °C
34 °F April common low 1 °C
18 days 60 °F max. or extra (16 °C)
12 days 32 °F min. or much less (0 °C)

about day-after-day in April warms to over 40 levels Fahrenheit ( 4 levels Celsius ) in Denver. The town averages 9 days this month when the thermometer reaches into the 70s °F ( over 21 °C ). There may even be a day or two of 80-degree F ( over 26 °C ) climate. However some years can apart from see a day this calendar month when the temperature by no means rises above freeze . The thermometer dips to twenty °F ( -8 °C ) or beneath usually one night time throughout the calendar month. However April doesn’t usually get american samoa chilly as 0 °F ( -18 °C ) .


1.7 in whole precipitation 42 mm
8 days of rain or snowfall

Half the time, Denver receives 0.9 to 2.3 inches ( 22 to 59 millimeter ) of precipitation in April. One in 4 years has drier climate, whereas one other one in 4 is bedwetter .


6.2 in whole snowfall 16 cm
4 days with new snow

April ‘s snow varies a distribute from yr to class in Denver. Between 2.8 and 11 inches ( 7 to 27 centimeter ) of contemporary snow arrives in half the years. Much less fashionable coke lands in a single out of 4 Aprils, whereas one other twenty-five share are snowier.

Denver sometimes has no less than an inch ( 2.5 curium ) of bamboozle on the bottom for two days this month .


67 % sunshine
7 days clear skies

The solar ‘s rays attain the rationale in Denver throughout 67 share of day hours on common in April, for a sum of 267 hours within the calendar month. sometimes on 7 days this month the flip is mainly clear, with at most 30 share cloud cowl . Daylight in April at Denver lasts for 13 hours and 17 minutes a day on common. The shortest sidereal day of the calendar month is the primary with 12 hours and 41 minutes of daylight. By the tip of the month, the times have lengthened to 13:52 from dawn to sundown. These durations can fluctuate by a minute or two from yr to class .


50 % April common humidity

The relative humidity in Denver throughout April usually peaks at 67 share within the daybreak then drops to 33 share by early afternoon .

Native Time 2 am 5 am 8 am 11 am 2 pm 5 pm 8 pm 11 pm
Humidity % 64 67 53 38 33 35 49 58


10.0 mph April wind velocity common 16.1 kph

April is Denver ‘s windiest month .


2 days snowfall of 1 inch (2.5 cm) or extra
2 days with thunderstorms in April

about as soon as a ten, an April blizzard blankets Denver with ten inches ( 25 centimeter ) or extra of snow in in the future .

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