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Hero image for post on garage door spring chart with photo of a blue color-coded extension spring and color swatches in the image.

Discovering the fitting dimension springs is a vital a part of repairing your storage door and guaranteeing it lasts for years to return. On this put up, you’ll discover a storage door spring chart for torsion springs and extension springs.

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DASMA stands for the Door & Entry Programs Producers Affiliation. That is the group chargeable for creating the rules and specs for storage door spring coloration codes. The colour codes are supplemental aids to assist establish the proper springs. As a result of springs all look so related, the codes assist customers discover the fitting springs they usually assist retailers maintain merchandise organized guaranteeing the fitting spring will get to the shopper.

Perceive How To Select The Proper Springs With out Coloration Codes

Not all springs have seen coloration codes, if you happen to can’t see the colour on the springs that can be eliminated you’ll wish to understand how to decide on the fitting springs by measurements. Take the measurements to a storage door skilled they usually’ll allow you to discover the fitting spring.

Extension Springs

Measurements you’ll wish to observe embrace:

  • Top of the door Extension springs fluctuate in size. Springs that work for the standard peak door gained’t work for an additional tall door as a result of the springs might want to lengthen farther.
  • Weight of the door The load of the door may be troublesome to calculate but it surely’s a vital measurement as a result of the springs have to counterbalance the load to operate correctly.

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Torsion Springs

Measurements you’ll wish to observe embrace:

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Along with having the load and peak of the door recorded, torsion springs want further measurements for substitute.

  • Size Measure the spring from the primary to the final coil.
  • Wire Measurement Measure the thickness of the wire within the spring. To measure wire dimension, insert the tape measure between the primary two coils and stretch it to the final coil between the tenth and eleventh coils.
  • Spring Wind Left wind springs are situated on the right-hand facet of the door and proper wind springs are situated on the left facet.
  • Inside Diameter Measure the diameter of 1/16” of an inch. Typically this quantity is written on the winding or stationary cone. In case you see a 1.75 on the cone the spring has a 13/4-inch diameter.

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The Mistaken Measurement Spring Can Trigger Critical Issues

A door that’s too giant or too small can:

  • Harm the opener
  • Put on down the cables
  • Trigger a security hazard
  • Harm the storage door

Storage Door Spring Chart from DASMA

The colour codes for torsion springs and extension springs are totally different. Be sure you know which sort of springs you’ve gotten earlier than utilizing the chart under.

Illustration of a garage door with labels for torsion spring or extension spring.

Torsion spring coloration codes are based mostly on wire gauge sizes.

Extension spring coloration codes are based mostly on the load of the door.

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Beneath are coloration codes and charts based mostly on DASMA’s technical sheets, to have a look at the DASMA’s authentic PDFs use this hyperlink:

DASMA Residential and Industrial Storage Door Coloration Code Technical Sheet↗

Storage Spring Colours

Image of garage spring colors used in garage door spring chart - tan, green, gold, blue, orange, light blue, yellow, white, red, brown.

Torsion Spring Codes

Torsion Spring Chart

WIRE DIAMETER COLOR CODE 20 COIL COUNT 0.177 GOLD 3 1/2″ 0.1875 BLUE 3 3/4″ 0.192 ORANGE 3 7/8″ 207 YELLOW 4 1/8″ 0.2187 WHITE 4 3/8″ 0.2253 RED 4 1/2″ 0.2343 BROWN 4 5/8″ 0.2437 GREEN 4 7/8″ 0.25 GOLD 5″ 0.2625 BLUE 5 1/4″ 0.273 ORANGE 5 1/2″ 0.283 LT BLUE 5 5/8″ 0.289 YELLOW 5 3/4″ 0.295 WHITE 5 7/8″ 0.3065 BROWN 6 1/8″ 0.3125 TAN 6 1/4″ 0.3195 GREEN 6 3/8″ 0.331 GOLD 6 5/8″ 0.343 BLUE 6 7/8″ 0.3625 ORANGE 7 1/4″ 0.375 LT BLUE 7 1/2″ 0.3938 YELLOW 7 7/8″ 0.4062 WHITE 8 1/8″ 0.4218 RED 8 7/16″ 0.4305 BROWN 8 5/8″ 0.4375 TAN 8 3/4″ 0.4531 GREEN 9 1/16″ 0.4615 GOLD 9 1/4″ 0.4687 BLUE 9 3/8″ 0.49 LT BLUE 9 3/4″ 0.5 YELLOW 10″ 0.5312 WHITE 10 5/8″ 0.5625 RED 11 1/4″ 0.625 BROWN 12 1/2″

Extension Spring Codes

Extension Spring Chart




10 LB WHITE 25-42-10 20 LB GREEN 25-42-20 30 LB YELLOW 25-42-30 40 LB BLUE 25-42-40 50 LB RED 25-42-50 60 LB BROWN 25-42-60 70 LB ORANGE 25-42-70 80 LB GOLD 25-42-80 90 LB LT BLUE 25-42-90 100 LB TAN 25-42-100 110 LB WHITE 25-42-110 120 LB GREEN 25-42-120 130 LB YELLOW 25-42-130 140 LB BLUE 25-42-140 150 LB RED 25-42-150 160 LB BROWN 25-42-160 170 LB ORANGE 25-42-170 180 LB GOLD 25-42-180 190 LB LT BLUE 25-42-190 200 LB TAN 25-42-200 210 LB WHITE 25-42-210 220 LB GREEN 25-42-220 230 LB YELLOW 25-42-230 240 LB BLUE 25-42-240 250 LB RED 25-42-250 260 LB BROWN 25-42-260 270 LB ORANGE 25-42-270 280 LB GOLD 25-42-280 290 LB LT BLUE 25-42-290 300 LB TAN 25-42-300

Heritage Storage Door has served Southern California householders for over 30 years. Discover our web site to be taught extra about us or contact us to schedule a restore, substitute, or set up service.

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