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Video Scopelitis garvin light hanson & feary


Chip AndrewscavagePartner (312) 255-7200emailvcard


Kevin T. BennettAttorney 317-492-9255emailvcard

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Kelli M. BlockPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

Andy%20Brehm1 - SaveSuperdry Andrew R. BrehmAttorney (414) 219-8500 emailvcard

William D. BrejchaSenior Counsel (312) 255-7200emailvcard

Rebecca R. BrownAttorney (626) 795-4700emailvcard

Chase E. BullockAttorney (312) 255-7174emailvcard

Andrew J. ButcherPartner (312) 255-7172emailvcard

Karen Butler ReisingerOf Counsel (317) 492-9334 emailvcard


Angela S. CashPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

Shannon M. CohenPartner (317) 492-9260emailvcard

Gerald F. Cooper Jr.Accomplice (312) 255-7200emailvcard

Braden Ok. CorePartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard


Fritz R. DammOf Counsel (313) 237-7400emailvcard

Donald W. DevittPartner (312) 255-7200emailvcard


Christopher J. EckhartPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

James A. EckhartAttorney (317) 637-1777emailvcard

James D. EllmanOf Counsel (817) 869-1702emailvcard


Gregory M. FearyPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

Allyson Feary BoydPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

Kathryne S. Feary-GardnerPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

A. Jack FinkleaPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard


Dylan C. GoetschAttorney 312-255-7181emailvcard

Jim L. GoldenOf Counsel (423) 443-8695emailvcard

Thomas GonzalezPartner *(414) 219-8521emailvcard

John W. GreenePartner (817) 869-1701emailvcard


James H. HansonPartner (317) 492-9205emailvcard

Alaina C. HawleyAttorney (314) 834-6252emailvcard

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Robert J. HenryPartner (312) 255-7200 ext. 7187emailvcard

Renea E. HooperPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

Carla R. HounshelPartner (317) 492-9246emailvcard

Mary Beth HughesPartner *(414) 219-8522emailvcard


Andrew J. IrelandAttorney (317) 492-9249emailvcard


Jeffrey S. JacksonPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

Kathleen C. JeffriesPartner *(626) 795-4700emailvcard


Jared KramerAttorney (312) 255-7194emailvcard

Margaret M. KreiOf Counsel (414) 219-8524emailvcard


Clifford W. LauchlanAttorney (513) 486-5126emailvcard

Gregory J. LawtonAttorney (317) 492-9335emailvcard

Andrew Ok. LightPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

Kiefer A. LightAttorney (317) 492-9332emailvcard


Kim D. MannPartner *(202) 551-9030emailvcard

Andrew F. MarquisPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

Colleen L. McCoyAttorney (817) 869-1708emailvcard

Michael McFarlaneOf Counsel (414) 219-8523emailvcard

Christopher C. McNatt Jr.Accomplice (626) 795-4700emailvcard

W. Todd MetzgerPartner (317) 492-9222emailvcard

Eric J. MeyersAttorney (312) 255-7200emailvcard

Caroline D. MilnerAttorney (312) 255-7190emailvcard

Ronald J. MorelockPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

Peter C. MortonAttorney (317) 637-1777emailvcard


Gregory A. OstendorfOf Counsel (317) 492-9283emailvcard


E. Ashley PaynterPartner 206-288-6194 emailvcard

Sara L. PettingerPartner *(312) 255-7200emailvcard

Kevin M. PhillipsPartner (312) 255-7200emailvcard

Steven A. PletcherPartner (317) 492-9244emailvcard


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Michael D. ReedAttorney (312) 255-7197emailvcard

Michael Ok. RobertsAttorney (414) 219-8500emailvcard

David D. RobinsonPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

J.D. Robinson, IIIAttorney (317) 492-9326emailvcard

Jay D. Robinson, Jr.Accomplice (317) 637-1777emailvcard

Paul D. RootAttorney (317) 637-1777emailvcard


Nathaniel G. SaylorPartner (317) 492-9280emailvcard

Pamela M. SchmidtPartner *(414) 219-8500emailvcard

Thomas E. SchultePartner (317) 492-9274emailvcard

Victor P. ShanePartner (312) 255-7200emailvcard

Prasad SharmaPartner *(202) 551-9031emailvcard

Adam C. SmedstadPartner (206) 288-6193emailvcard

John Ok. SmeltzerPartner *(317) 637-1777emailvcard

Allison O. SmithPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

Youngki SohnAttorney (626) 795-4700emailvcard

James T. SpolyarPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

Steven F. StanaszakPartner 414-219-8500emailvcard

Jay R. StarrettPartner 414-219-8500emailvcard

Janis E. SteckPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

Adam C. SteelAttorney 317-492-9267emailvcard


Michael J. TauscherPartner *(313) 237-7400emailvcard

R. Jay Taylor, Jr.Accomplice (317) 492-9268emailvcard

Jeffrey S. ToolePartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

Rebecca S. TrennerPartner (317) 492-9239emailvcard


Madeleine R. ValaAttorney (317) 492-9296emailvcard

Donald J. VogelPartner (312) 255-7178emailvcard


Peter R. WickardAttorney (317) 637-1777emailvcard

Timothy W. WisemanPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

Ryan W. WrightPartner (317) 637-1777emailvcard

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