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    Fastened Dialing Quantity ( FDN ) is a service mode of SIM, the place outgoing calls are restricted to a laid of cellphone numbers .

  • placement Routing Quantity ( LRN means the ten ( 10 ) digit complete that’s assigned to the community switching parts ( Central Workplace–Host and Remotes as required ) for the route of calls within the community. The primary six ( 6 ) digits of the LRN will probably be one of many impute NPA NXX of the swap ingredient. The aim and performance of the final 4 ( 4 ) digits of the LRN haven’t even been outlined however are handed throughout the community to the tip swap .
  • Knowledge Common Quantity System ( DUNS ) Quantity means the 9-digit quantity assigned by Dun and Bradstreet, Inc. ( D & B ) to determine alone enterprise entities .
  • placement Routing Quantity or “ LRN ” means a singular ten- ( 10 ) -digit quantity assigned to a Central Workplace Swap in a outline geographic sphere for name route functions. This ten- ( 10 ) -digit quantity serves as a community handle and the rout info is saved in a database. Switches routing calls to subscribers whose phone numbers are in transportable NXXs do a database query to acquire the Location Routing Quantity that corresponds with the Swap serving the dialed phone quantity. Primarily based on the Location Routing Quantity, the querying Service then routes the go to to the Swap serving the port quantity. The time period “ LRN ” could apart from be used to discuss with a technique of LNP. “ lengthy Distance Service ” ( see “ Interexchange Service ” ).
  • Successful Numbers means the sport outcomes chosen throughout a Drawing which shall be used to find out successful Performs contained on sport ticket or ticketless transaction .
  • Knowledge Common Numbering System +4 ( DUNS+4 ) quantity means the DUNS cellphone quantity assigned by D & B plus a 4-character suffix which may be assigned by a enterprise concern. ( D & B has no affiliation with this 4-character suffix. ) This 4-character suffix could also be assigned on the free will of the enterprise enterprise to ascertain additional CCR information for figuring out choice Digital Funds Switch ( EFT ) accounts ( see the FAR at Subpart 32.11 ) for a similar rear concern .
  • Knowledge Common Numbering System ( DUNS ) quantity means the 9-digit quantity assigned by Dun and Bradstreet, Inc. ( D & B ) to determine distinctive business enterprise entities .
  • Knowledge Common Numbering System+4 ( DUNS+4 ) quantity means the DUNS act assigned by D & B plus a 4-character suffix which may be assigned by a occupation concern. ( D & B has no affiliation with this 4-character suffix. ) This 4-character suffix could also be assigned on the discretion of the enterprise enterprise to ascertain additional SAM information for figuring out choice Digital Funds Switch ( EFT ) accounts ( see the FAR at subpart 32.11 ) for the like concern .
  • Digital Sign Degree 0 ( DS-0 means the lowest-level bespeak within the time division multiplex digital hierarchy, and represents a voice-grade transmit function at both the 56 Kbps or 64 Kbps transmission bit charges. There are twenty-four ( 24 ) DS-0 channels in a DS-1 .
  • Digital Sign Degree 1 ( DS-1 means the 1.544 Mbps first degree sign within the time division multiplex hierarchy .
  • Digital Sign Degree 3 ( DS-3 means the 44.736 Mbps third diploma sign within the time class multiplex hierarchy .
  • Figuring out quantity means a logo or handle that identifies lone one unit in a standard curiosity group .
  • automated Location Identification Gateway or “ ali Gateway ” is a pc facility into which CLEC delivers Computerized Location Identification ( ALI ) knowledge for CLEC Prospects. Entry to the ALI Gateway will probably be through a dial-up modem utilizing a rough protocol. “ automated Quantity Identification ” or “ ANI ” is the Billing phone quantity related to the entry line from which a reputation originates. ANI and Calling Get together Quantity ( CPN ) usually are the identical quantity. “ automated route Choice ” or “ argon ” is a service characteristic that gives for automated survival of the least costly or most enable transmission facility for every predict primarily based on standards programmed right into a racing circuit Swap routing desk or system .
  • Dialing Parity means adenine outlined within the Act. As used on this Settlement, Dialing Parity refers to each Native Dialing Parity and Toll Dialing Parity.
  • Digital Sign Degree 0 or “ DS0 ” means the 64 Kbps zero-level sign within the time-division multiplex hierarchy .
  • automated Quantity Identification or “ ANI ” means a Characteristic Group D signaling parameter which refers back to the quantity transmitted by a community figuring out the cost depend of the calling social gathering .
  • Specified Quantity means twenty-eight ( 28 ), subject to the provisions of part 2.3, primarily based on a parking proportion of two.5 areas per 1,000 leasable public sq. toes of the Premises .
  • Batch numeral means a novel numeric or alphanumeric identifier assigned anterior to any testing to permit for stock monitor and traceability .
  • minimal Degree ( ML means the assiduity at which the stallion analytic system should give a recognizable sign and an appropriate calibration distributor level. The ML is the focus in a pattern that’s equal to the focus of the bottom calibration customary analyzed by a particular analytic process, assuming that every one the method-specified pattern weights, volumes and processing steps have been adopted .
  • Digital Sign Degree 1 or “ DS1 ” means the 1.544 Mbps first-level sign within the time-division manifold hierarchy. Within the time-division multiplexing hierarchy of the decision community, DS1 is the preliminary grade of multiplexing .
  • Distinctive Consumer ID means a string of characters that identifies a particular drug person and which, at the side of a password, passphrase or different mechanism, authenticates a person to an knowledge system .
  • Established catalogue worth means the worth included in a listing, worth checklist, schedule, or different form that :
  • Moody ’ randomness Second Set off Notional Quantity Multiplier means 8 %. “ Moody ’ south Second Set off Transaction-Particular Hedge DV01 Multiplier ” means 65. “ Moody ’ south Second Set off Transaction-Particular Hedge Notional Quantity Multiplier ” means 10 % .
  • automated pistol recognition machine means a tool, reminiscent of a reviewer or inquisitor, used to retrieve knowledge encoded on machine-readable media.
  • Pay as you go radio calling service means a telecommunication service that gives the appropriate to make the most of cell wi-fi service vitamin a properly as different non-telecommunications companies, together with the obtain of digital merchandise delivered electronically, contentedness and accent companies, which should be paid for in progress that’s bought in predetermine items or {dollars} of which the quantity declines with behavior in a know sum .
  • automated pistol Location Identification ( “ ALI ” ) means a characteristic that gives the caller ’ s phone depend, handle and the names of the Emergency Response companies which can be accountable for that savoir-faire .
  • Constructing tied or zone degree chief means a person employed by the District whose job project is that of a construct up flooring or zone degree administrator or an equal position, together with an administrator licensed by the State Board of Schooling, an unaccredited administrator, or a person on an Administrator Licensure Completion Plan. Constructing flat or zone degree chief doesn’t embrace the superintendent, deputy superintendents, affiliate superintendents, and assistant superintendents .
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