Listing of Zip Codes in South Carolina

Zip Code Zip Code Sort Zip Code Identify County
29002 PO Field Ballentine Richland
29021 PO Field Camden Kershaw
29062 PO Field Horatio Sumter
29071 PO Field Lexington Lexington
29079 PO Field Lydia Darlington
29116 PO Field Orangeburg Orangeburg
29122 PO Field Peak Newberry
29132 PO Field Rion Fairfield
29143 PO Field Sardinia Clarendon
29151 PO Field Sumter Sumter
29202 PO Field Columbia Richland
29211 PO Field Columbia Richland
29214 Distinctive Columbia Richland
29215 Distinctive Columbia Richland
29216 Distinctive Columbia Richland
29217 Distinctive Columbia Richland
29218 Distinctive Columbia Richland
29219 Distinctive Columbia Richland
29220 Distinctive Columbia Richland
29221 PO Field Columbia Richland
29224 PO Field Columbia Richland
29225 Distinctive Columbia Richland
29226 Distinctive Columbia Richland
29227 Distinctive Columbia Richland
29228 PO Field Columbia Richland
29230 PO Field Columbia Richland
29240 PO Field Columbia Richland
29250 PO Field Columbia Richland
29260 PO Field Columbia Richland
29290 PO Field Columbia Richland
29292 PO Field Columbia Richland
29304 PO Field Spartanburg Spartanburg
29305 PO Field Spartanburg Spartanburg
29319 Distinctive Spartanburg Spartanburg
29320 PO Field Arcadia Spartanburg
29324 PO Field Clifton Spartanburg
29329 PO Field Converse Spartanburg
29333 PO Field Drayton Spartanburg
29336 PO Field Fairforest Spartanburg
29338 PO Field Fingerville Spartanburg
29342 PO Field Gaffney Cherokee
29346 PO Field Glendale Spartanburg
29348 PO Field Gramling Spartanburg
29364 PO Field Lockhart Union
29368 PO Field Mayo Spartanburg
29375 PO Field Reidville Spartanburg
29377 PO Field Startex Spartanburg
29378 PO Field Una Spartanburg
29395 Distinctive Jonesville Union
29402 PO Field Charleston Charleston
29409 Distinctive Charleston Charleston
29413 PO Field Charleston Charleston
29415 PO Field Charleston Charleston
29416 PO Field Charleston Charleston
29417 PO Field Charleston Charleston
29419 PO Field Charleston Charleston
29422 PO Field Charleston Charleston
29423 PO Field Charleston Charleston
29425 Distinctive Charleston Charleston
29430 PO Field Bethera Berkeley
29433 PO Field Canadys Colleton
29442 PO Field Georgetown Georgetown
29447 PO Field Grover Dorchester
29452 PO Field Jacksonboro Colleton
29476 PO Field Russellville Berkeley
29484 PO Field Summerville Dorchester
29493 PO Field Williams Colleton
29502 PO Field Florence Florence
29503 PO Field Florence Florence
29504 PO Field Florence Florence
29519 PO Field Centenary Marion
29528 PO Field Conway Horry
29551 PO Field Hartsville Darlington
29589 PO Field Rains Marion
29594 PO Field Tatum Marlboro
29602 PO Field Greenville Greenville
29603 PO Field Greenville Greenville
29604 PO Field Greenville Greenville
29606 PO Field Greenville Greenville
29608 PO Field Greenville Greenville
29610 PO Field Greenville Greenville
29612 PO Field Greenville Greenville
29614 Distinctive Greenville Greenville
29616 PO Field Greenville Greenville
29622 PO Field Anderson Anderson
29623 PO Field Anderson Anderson
29633 PO Field Clemson Pickens
29634 Distinctive Clemson Pickens
29636 PO Field Conestee Greenville
29641 PO Field Easley Pickens
29647 Distinctive Greenwood Greenwood
29648 PO Field Greenwood Greenwood
29652 PO Field Greer Spartanburg
29665 PO Field Newry Oconee
29675 PO Field Richland Oconee
29679 PO Field Seneca Oconee
29683 PO Field Slater Greenville
29695 Distinctive Hodges Greenwood
29721 PO Field Lancaster Lancaster
29722 Distinctive Lancaster Lancaster
29724 PO Field Lando Chester
29802 PO Field Aiken Aiken
29804 PO Field Aiken Aiken
29813 PO Field Hilda Barnwell
29816 PO Field Tub Aiken
29822 PO Field Clearwater Aiken
29826 PO Field Elko Barnwell
29834 PO Field Langley Aiken
29839 PO Field Montmorenci Aiken
29844 PO Field Parksville Mccormick
29846 PO Field Sycamore Allendale
29850 PO Field Vaucluse Aiken
29899 Distinctive McCormick Mccormick
29901 PO Field Beaufort Beaufort
29903 PO Field Beaufort Beaufort
29904 PO Field Beaufort Beaufort
29905 PO Field Beaufort Beaufort
29913 PO Field Crocketville Hampton
29914 PO Field Dale Beaufort
29921 PO Field Furman Hampton
29923 PO Field Gifford Hampton
29931 PO Field Lobeco Beaufort
29933 PO Field Miley Hampton
29939 PO Field Scotia Hampton

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