The Huge Apple: Poor Outdated Nigger Thinks It’s A Cadillac (Pontiac backronymic nickname)

submission from November 28, 2013 Poor Outdated Nigger Thinks It ’ s A Cadillac ( Pontiac backronymic nickname )

Pontiac is an car model that started in 1926 and was discontinued by Normal Motors in 2010. The title “ Pontiac ” was related to a racial slur backronym ( again acronym ) — “ Poor Outdated Nigger Thinks It ’ s A Cadillac. ” The backronym has been cited in print since a minimum of 1984.

Jesse Jackson ran for U.S. president in 1988, and his Secret Service code title was “ Pontiac. ” American folklorist Alan Dundes identified the racial blur that some had product of the title “ Pontiac, ” and the Secret Service code title made nationwide information. The ‘ Pontiac ” backronym continues to be continuously cited, together with different variations comparable to “ Poor Outdated Nut Suppose It ’ s A Cadillac ” and “ Individuals On Narcotics Suppose It ’ s A Chevy. ”

Wikipedia : Pontiac
Pontiac was an car model established in 1926 as a companion make for Normal Motors ’ Oakland. Rapidly overtaking its dad or mum in recognition, it supplanted the Oakland submit wholly by 1933 and, for many of its life, turned a companion make for Chevrolet. Pontiac was bought in america, Canada, and Mexico by Normal Motors ( GM ). Pontiac was marketed because the efficiency class of Normal Motors for a few years, specializing in mainstream efficiency autos. Pontiac was comparatively extra common in Canada, the place for a lot of its historical past it was marketed as a low-cost car.

On April 27, 2009, amid ongoing fiscal issues and restructuring efforts, GM introduced it will discontinue the Pontiac model by the top of 2010 and concentrate on 4 kernel manufacturers in North America : Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and GMC. The demise Pontiacs had been in-built late 2009/early 2010, with the ultimate principal franchises expiring October 31, 2010.

Google Books
quantity 7
Pg. 297 :
What do the initials in PONTIAC stand for ? — Poor Outdated Nigger Thinks It ’ s A Cadillac.

Google Information Archive
25 June 1988, Pittsburgh ( PA ) Publish-Gazette, “ Code for Jackson racist ?, ” pg. 3, cols. 1-2 :
WASHINGTON ( AP ) —Some individuals are claiming the radio code record, “ Pontiac, ” that the Secret Service makes use of for Democrat Jesse Jackson has racial overtones, however a Secret Service spokesman stated yesterday that Jackson doesn ’ thyroxine assume it ’ south racist.
( … )
Jackson aides tried to hint why Jackson had been assigned that title after studying that folklore technical Alan Dundes stated “ Pontiac ” is a slur—the punchline to a sequence of racist jokes collected by his college students on the College of California, Berkeley, stated Jackson ’ s nationwide political conductor, Frank Watkins.

Pontiac, usually related to a automobile and a metropolis in Michigan, is moreover an acronym for “ Poor outdated nigger thinks it ’ s a Cadillac, ” Dundes instructed the Philadelphia Inquirer, which alerted the marketing campaign and the Secret Service to the allegation.

Google Books
Automotive and Bike Slang
By Lewis Poteet
Lincoln, NE :, Inc.
Pg. 152 :
Pontiac —— Poor Outdated Negro Thinks It ’ s A Cadillac.

City Dictionary
Poor Outdated Nut Thinks Its A Automotive
by toolazyforname Might 01, 2003

City Dictionary
Poor outdated nigger thinks its a cadillac
Take a look at that black man, he thinks he’s pimpin.
by The one October 16, 2003

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