A gene on chromosome 6p21 that encodes a nuclear protein penis of the RUNX household of association components with a Runt DNA-binding data area. RUNX2 is crucial for osteoblastic differentiation and bony morphogenesis, and acts as a scaffold for nucleic acids and regulative components concerned in skeletal gene expression.Molecular pathologyRUNX2 mutations trigger cleidocranial dysplasia, a bone growth dysfunction. Telemedicine A semiconducting machine–charge-coupled machine in a solid-state tv digicam or scanner which incorporates light-sensitive ( optical ) cells ; every pixel of a picture requires a cell–the extra CCDs in a scanner, the upper a picture ‘s decision. See CCD digicam .


(di-vis’) [Fr. devis, contrivance] ( di-vis ‘ ) [ Fr., contrivance ] An equipment, device, or machine made for a particular routine.

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d13 - SaveSuperdryEnlarge pictureEnlarge picture ABDUCTION DEVICE

abduction machine

A trapezoidal pillow, wedge, or splint positioned between the weapon and torso to stop adduction. It’s usually used postoperatively for sufferers having complete joint substitution or open lower or inner fixation of the hip or shoulder. See: illustration

adaptive machine

Assistive expertise.

adaptive seating machine

Abbreviation: ASD
See : abbreviation : A tool that gives a correct sitting place for these with restricted drive function. such units embrace seating inserts, wheelchairs, and postural subscribe techniques designed to stop deformities and improve operate. Synonym: seating system

assistive expertise machine

Assistive expertise.

augmentative machine

synonym : A tool that helps folks with restricted or no speech to speak. Examples embrace communication boards, pictograph, or ideogram ( symbols representing concepts, not sounds ) .d14 - SaveSuperdryEnlarge pictureEnlarge picture BAG MASK DEVICE

bag masks machine

A manually manoeuver resuscitator used to ventilate a nonbreathing affected person or help the air flow of a affected function who will not be respiratory at an efficient charge or tidal quantity. The machine consists of a bag, an oxygen reservoir system, a one-way menstruate valve, and a transparent confront dissemble. It’s designed to be hooked up to an oxygen supply by tubing to ship concentrations approaching 100 %. See: illustration

belay machine

See : A tool utilizing friction to brake or gradual the obvious movement of a lasso, or to guard a affected person, basket, mounter, or different rescuer .

biventricular help machine

Abbreviation: BiVAD
abbreviation : A tool that helps each ventricles of the guts abridge extra successfully. It’s used to deal with middle failure by propelling blood out of the chambers of the guts .

cardiac rhythm administration machine

Abbreviation: CRMD
abbreviation : An umbrella time period for pacemakers and implantable cardioverter/defibrillators .

cervical immobilization machine

Abbreviation: CID
abbreviation : A stiff neck brace or collar to stop motion of the cervical spur as a way to preserve spinal alignment and stop wound or paralysis .

charge-coupled machine

Abbreviation: CCD
abbreviation : A tool utilized in tv and digital imaging ( comparable to in CT scanning ) that creates digital photos from gentle .

clitoral vacuum machine

A mechanical machine used to engorge and stimulate the clitoris. It’s used as a U.S. FDA–accredited remedy for feminine sexual dysfunction .

digital infusion machine

Abbreviation: EID
abbreviation : A tool for monitoring intravenous infusions. The machine might have an alarm in sheath the circulation is restricted due to an blockage of the cable. In that case, the alarm will sound when a preset press restrict is sensed. The machine can moreover sign that an infusion is near completion. The press is regulated by the acme at which the container is positioned above the flat of the guts when the affected function is mendacity flatcar. A altitude of 36 in ( 91 curium ) supplies a strain of 1.3 lb/sq in ( 70 millimeter Hg ). Most EIDs are outfitted to cease the circulation of the infuse melted if unintentional launch circulation happens. See:

esophageal intubation detector machine

Affected person care

A syringe hooked up to the endotracheal pipe instantly after an cannulation undertake. If inhalation is tough or abdomen contents are withdrawn, or each, the endotracheal ( ET ) tube might have been positioned within the esophagus and must be eliminated and reinserted. If aspiration is simple and launch of digest contents, it’s possible that the ET tube is positioned within the trachea ; the rescuer ought to then verify tube placement by different strategies, for instance, a mix of auscultation, roentgenogram, and pulse oximetry .

femoral compression machine

See : infusion pump A tool used to use press to the massive artery or vein within the second joint after it has been cannulated as a way to cut back bleeding from the puncture vessel. femoral compression units are used, e.g., after angiography .

flow-restricted oxygen-powered air flow machine

Abbreviation: FROPVD
A air flow machine that gives a vertex grasp charge of 100 % oxygen at as much as 40 L/min. See : oxygen-powered air flow machine

Flutter machine


head immobilization machine

abbreviation : see : Flutter machine A tool that attaches to an extended again board and holds the affected function ‘s headway in achromatic alliance. See:

humanitarian use machine

Humanitarian machine exemption.

improvised explosive machine

Abbreviation: IED
See : lengthy again circuit board abbreviation : army jargon for a home made bomb or land mine utilized in unconventional struggle .

enter machine

In assistive engineering, the machine that prompts an digital machine. This is usually a guide throw, a outback manipulate, or a joystick. See:

inspiratory impedance threshold machine

Inspiratory impedance threshold valve.

intrauterine contraceptive machine

Abbreviation: IUCD, IUD

Kendrick extrication machine


left ventricular help machine

Abbreviation: LVAD
See : change abbreviation : see : intrauterine contraceptive machine. See : Kendrick unsnarling machine abbreviation : A pump surgically implanted in sufferers with extreme coronary heart failure to maneuver blood from the depart ventricle to the ascending aorta. The LVAD usually augments the guts ‘s operate till it heals ( following a harmful myocardial infarct ) or till a middle transplant turns into out there, for instance, for sufferers with coronary heart failure with a markedly diminished ejection fraction. The LVAD moreover could also be used completely for a affected person who doesn’t meet standards for transplant .

listening machine

A handle amplifier that aids the hard-of-hearing in lead person-to-person communication or phone dialog. such units differ from ceremonious listening to aids in that they cut back noise from backdrop noises .

medical machine

Any well being care product that’s meant for the prognosis, prevention, or remedy of illness and doesn’t primarily exploit by effecting a chemical switch within the torso

mobility machine

Any assistive engineering that aids the drift of individuals with bodily impairments. Examples embrace raise chairs, scooters, or wheelchairs .

needleless machine

A tool that has no uncovered acuate floor, used to inject medicine and fluids. It’s designed to lower the chance of needle-stick accidents by well being handle professionals .

oxygen-conserving machine

Abbreviation: OCR
abbreviation : Any machine that reduces the lack of administer oxygen into the setting, for instance, one which releases oxygen to a affected person solely when the affected person inhales .

oxygen-powered air flow machine

A multifunction air flow devicehat makes use of high-flow oxygen. This machine can a lot be triggered by unfavorable atmospheric strain attributable to an inhale affected function ; it will possibly moreover be operated by a button whereas the operator watches the affected person ‘s chest rise.


Throughout resuscitation, it’s necessity to make use of the positive-pressure side of this machine and manually set off or compress the push button as a result of the affected person can’t open the valve by inhaling. These units must be fitted with an overinflation hard-hitting alarm to keep away from gastric dilatation and/or barotrauma .

private flotation machine

Abbreviation: PFD
abbreviation : A life make investments to stop drown and close to drowning. Individuals engaged in physique of water sports activities, comparable to boat or water ski, or rescuers engaged on or close to the water ought to put on PFDs always. The U.S. Coast Guard units requirements and establishes specs for the manufacture and manipulation of PFDs. Private flotation units could also be used to supply add buoyancy for the affected function throughout aquatic remedy .

private assistive mobility machine

Private mobility machine.

private mobility machine

Any assistive machine that facilitates particular person human fare. Examples embrace powered wheelchairs, scooters, bicycles and unicycles. Though many such units are utilized by folks with exercise or mobility restrictions, mobility aids will be employed by and enormous, for instance, for city division of transportation in dwelling of vehicles. Synonym: private assistive mobility machine

pointing machine

synonym : A kind of enter sign machine for sending instructions to a pc. Transferring the machine ends in motion of a cursor on the proctor or pc display. Pointing units vary from the traditional desktop sneak, trackball, and touch-sensitive screens to infrared and sonography pointers mounted on the pinnacle. See: change

position-indicating machine

Abbreviation: PID
See : internal gentle pointer abbreviation : A tool to information the main focus of the x-ray beam in the course of the {photograph} of dental radiogram. This units improves and standardizes dental radiographic creativeness and reduces the affected person ‘s danger of radiation publicity .

optimistic beam limiting machine

A collimator that mechanically adjusts the dimensions of the radiation subject to match the dimensions of the creativeness machine. synonym : computerized pistol collimator

powered mobility machine

Abbreviation: PMD
abbreviation : Any assistive machine ( comparable to an influence wheelchair, a revoke chair, or a scooter ) that improves the drift of the functionally mar .

strain reduction machine

An equipment full of air, water, gel, or foam, to cut back coerce factors attributable to the affected person ’ s physique weight when seated or bedridden. Examples embrace wheelchair cushions and air or water flotation mattresses .

prosthetic terminal machine

Part of an higher extremity prosthesis that substitutes for the capabilities of the hand. There are various kinds of terminal units, a few of that are designed to be used with particular instruments and implements. These units have two main actions : voluntary opening and voluntary shut. Synonym:

protecting machine

synonym : hook An exterior help utilized to susceptible joints or different soundbox components to protect towards wound. protecting units embrace helmets, braces, magnetic tape or wrap, and pad .

pubovaginal machine

A tool fitted to be used within the vagina to assist forestall urinary incontinence. See:

sequential compression machine

Abbreviation: SCD.
A tool to cut back edema or forestall the formation of blod clots in an extremity. A chambered nylon sleeve is more and more inflated from its distal section to the proximal section, forcing venous and lymphatic return. consecutive compression units are inflated with air journey ( pneumatic compression ) or, much less usually, chill water ( cryocompression ). SCDs are used incessantly within the perioperative time interval. See : intermittent compaction

single-use machine

See : diaphragm abbreviation : A aesculapian machine used as soon as for the care of a single affected function after which instantly discarded .

backbone arthroplasty machine

A prosthesis to interchange a broken intervertebral magnetic disk .

superconductive quantum interference machine

Abbreviation: SQUID
abbreviation : A biomagnetometer used to measure magnetic fields within the consistency or the presence of magnetically energetic components or minerals, comparable to physique shops of iron .

telecommunication machine for the deaf

Abbreviation: TDD
abbreviation : A tool that permits the hard-of-hearing to make use of the phone even when they can’t comprehend handle. A keyboard and expose sieve are used .d15a - SaveSuperdryEnlarge pictureEnlarge picture VENOUS ACCESS DEVICES : A. An over-the-needle catheter ; B. An inside-the-needle catheter .d15b - SaveSuperdryEnlarge pictureEnlarge picture VENOUS ACCESS DEVICES : A. An over-the-needle catheter ; B. An inside-the-needle catheter .

venous entry machine

A very designed catheter for gaining and sustaining entry to the venous system. This machine supplies entree for sufferers who require intravenous fluids or medicines for a number of days or extra, for instance, these having a bone marrow transplant or who’re receiving long-run complete parenteral diet. See : venous larboard illustration

ventricular help machine

Abbreviation: VAD
abbreviation : A pump to deal with coronary heart failure. It helps the ventricles to contract and transfer blood to the lungs and/or the aorta. See:

charge-coupled machine

Abbreviation: CCD
See : left ventricular help machine abbreviation :

A tool utilized in video and digital picture ( comparable to in CT scanning ) that creates digital photos from gentle.

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